Michelle Swope
Keller Williams Advantage Realty
Cherry Blossom Tree/Sakura Tree
With springtime on the horizon, many are looking forward to and already planning how they plan to spruce up their home to welcome the outdoor seasons. As you know, these improvements extend beyond just aesthetic desires and leisure but can be beneficial for property value in the long run. 
According to a study by Michigan State University, for every $1 invested in landscaping, property owners will see a 109% return. A tree in front of a house increases the home’s value by an average of $7,130, so it’s not only a quick way to increase property value but will provide long-term benefits in the beautification of a home. 
Here at Trees.com, we want to share our recently published article that covers all things related to Cherry Blossom Trees. We explain its benefits, availability, and care tips; ideal for homeowners who are looking to take advantage of early spring to plant the perfect trees for their home. 
For most, it’s been a long season of spending more time in our homes and redefining how we use our living spaces. Our hope is that this new year will bring a sense of renewal and people are able to feel their house become a home again.